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Tonight’s DIY SOS

Posted on:    June 10, 2015

Tonight’s episode of DIT SOS features Mark.


This is the heartwarming story of Mark’s new house and how his local community came together to help him and his family.

Marks sister, Michelle, is a member of the National Personal Health Budget Peer Network. Here’s their story in Michelle’s own words,

“Three years ago my brother was assaulted leaving him with quite complex needs and severe brain damage. We had to learn quickly but he is only 37 now, so we knew we wanted him to be at home living independently but he would need plenty of support. We met so many amazing people who have supported and guided us along our journey and finally we are in a good place. It has been hard work but so worth it when we see how happy he is now. My brother qualified for CHC and we chose to have a personal health budget. As a family we employ 9 people to support him in his own home. Because of the high level of one to one care my brother now receives, his awareness levels have drastically increased in only 5 months. We can spot infections which means we keep him out of hospital, have built strong links with his health professionals meaning A&E is somewhere we can avoid.

The positives of a PHB are endless but I know from experience getting there is challenging. Please don’t let this put you off as once you reach the end goal, I am sure you will look back and see how personal health budgets can change not only the individuals lives but many people around them. My whole family are in such a positive place only 5 months after implementing our personal health budget. Community spirit has pulled us through. Try to link up with as many support groups as possible, speak to people who have already been through it, you are not alone. Look for local Peer groups just don’t give up. To see more of my brother story and our journey watch DIY SOS 10th June BBC1 8pm. Our community came together and made my familys’ dreams come true.”



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